What you can do

By now you can find MPH.tv on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, so follow us on every channel where you are active.

What we are looking for at the moment *:

  • Test recordings of your program idea. Whether you are filming with your phone or with a professional setup; we are curious about what you have in mind and what that will look like. If you need help to make those test shots; place a call on our Facebook page (there is also a group!) or on Twitter, then we share it.
  • People with experience in broadcasting country. We already have a few, but we haven’t filled all the places.
  • We are looking for a video editor. Someone who wants to help (among other things) make the test recordings suitable for our YouTube channel so that we can immediately taste the response there.
  • An animator for leaders / promotional material, etc. It should all look smooth, if you can ensure that; Super awesome!
  • Developers. We want to set up an interactive channel that can do a lot, although we do not yet know exactly what. Maybe you already have ideas about that and you can also realize them.
  • Someone who wants to subtitle everything. We want Dutch videos with English subtitles, English with Dutch. For optimum reach.
  • YouTube experts. Do you know exactly what you can and cannot do with YT and do you want to help us? AWESOME!
  • MUSIC. For among our promotional material, to be included in the test recordings (which does not contain music yet).
  • Clips from your band. To upload on our channel. Even if we have become a public broadcast, we want to be able to offer much more content online than what we are going to have room for, so there should always be room for your clips!
  • Designs. A logo, a shirt, a corporate identity, a poster, an advertisement. We still have nothing outside of a circle with 3 letters in it.
  • People who want to play “the socials”. Preferably with experience of course, it is useful if you know the ins & outs, understand what TikTok is and why we should or should not use it.
  • Endorsement videos. Make a video in which you explain why you think MPH.tv deserves a place in the air! If all goes well, we can (soon) stick a leader for it and share it, and attract more people to us.
  • Blogs, vlogs and other content. Show that you have a warm heart for MPH.tv. We are happy to offer you space on our site and the socials.
  • Someone who wants to translate all content. We also have a large community of people in the Netherlands who speak Dutch less well and we would like to reach them. Apart from that, we can of course offer online content that can be viewed by everyone.

Mail your input and / or what you want to contribute to info@mph.tv – for videos please use WeTransfer or another service.

* We totally understand if you only want to contribute if there is also a reward. That is not yet possible, but we are going to change that quickly.