Mission Statement

MPH.tv becomes a channel that is driven by the musical subcultures that have been (almost) ignored for years by Dutch public (and commercial) broadcasters.

We pay attention in a positive way to all forms and genres that we can include, from Metal / Punk / Hardcore (where MPH stands for) via Psychobilly and Industrial to Grindcore and so on.

In terms of program, we certainly do not limit ourselves to expressing music, but we go in depth. We offer space for all kinds of trends and visions, so it could be that we get both a vegan cooking program and “BBQ and with Metalheads” on the programming.

Music (“our” music) is of course the core that everything is about.

Join us!

We are currently looking for you! Whether you are only interested in how far we come, or if you want to actively participate or have a program idea, your input will determine whether the channel will come and in what form.

Complete the form below, and then don’t forget to confirm your email address via the link in the confirmation email you receive from us.