Let’s do this!

After an enormous response to a message on Twitter and Facebook, we will investigate whether there is enough enthusiasm to start a new Public Broadcast Corporation.

A public broadcast corporation driven by the subculture of “hard music”, described for convenience as MPH / Metal-Punk-Hardcore.

Read our Mission Statement to get an idea of ​​what we have in mind.
We start collecting enthusiasm in three ways. You can sign up;

  • For our newsletter (so we can inform you)
  • As an active participant
  • With your idea for a show

You cannot become a member yet.

Great ideas don’t always succeed and we only want to continue this if we really see the chance of success.

We will tackle this as follows:

  • Inventory phase; how many people really want this? Do we also find the right people to participate in this the organization?
  • If there is enough enthusiasm, we calculate the costs of making a few pilots (test broadcasts) and campaigning to be able to recruit the required 50,000 members.
  • We will crowdfund these costs. If that succeeds, we also know immediately that people really want to contribute to get this broadcaster in the air. This is necessary to be approved by the Media Commission.
  • In conclusion, we are going to recruit members. You can then immediately see some pilots of the programs that we want to make, and what else we all want to do in the future.

Sign up to show your enthusiasm

Complete the form below to indicate how you want to participate. Afterwards you will of course receive a confirmation email to be sure that all registrations are genuine and that you have actually registered yourself