REVShare®, pioneered the first-ever CPA (cost-per-acquisition) advertising model for the television industry back in 1992. With its proprietary technology, CPA Metrics™, REVShare® is uniquely able to target premier television commercial dayparts, as well as translate the efficiency of CPA schedules by delivering traditional viewership metrics. In short, advertisers get the best of both worlds: paying only for TV media that delivers responses, but also reported Nielsen impressions. As addressability is becoming an actuality, REVShare delivers performance-based targeting today, a technology that will be part and parcel of the targeted TV revolution in years to come.
REVShare® optimizes and distributes TV commercials across its national network and provides documented engagement to brands in diverse industries including pharmaceuticals, real estate, financial services, travel, sports and wellness.  Its "unwired network" reaches over 110 million TV households, delivering well over $1 billion of billings and almost 30 million TV airings since MPH was founded. With REVShare®, advertisers only pay for results. This allows marketers to extend their brands’ ad spend more effectively, reach a much wider audience with their message, and significantly grow their sales volume.
REVShare® was founded in 1992 and has relationships with more than 1,500 local market television stations, national cable networks, cable systems, cable interconnects, and syndicators that provide television time to REVShare® clients on cost-per-acquisition (CPA) results basis. For more information on REVShare®, visit


AdMore® is the nation's largest automated TV buying platform reaching more than 110M households across 200 DMAs. AdMore®, optimizes TV campaigns that empower brands to more effectively and efficiently reach a targeted audience at scale. AdMore®'s patented technology provides marketers and media buyers with real-time campaign analytics along with Nielsen-verified audience and ratings measurement. AdMore®'s optimized, data-driven TV buying solution provides value to both television networks and national advertisers. For more information, visit

Lead Generation Technologies

Lead Generation Technologies provides unique access to the power of national television and radio campaigns while allowing companies to bypass the traditional barriers of entry into this dynamic advertising space. Clients can skip the traditional production fees, distribution costs and daunting media risk of offline advertising and leave the heavy lifting to Lead Generation Technologies’ team.
Lead Generation Technologies builds the brands that power your success. Lead Generation Technologies includes the following brands: The Relion Group, Tax 10,000 and Mortgage in 15 Minutes. Lead Generation Technologies has been privately owned by Media Properties Holdings since 2007 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit